Sunday, November 23, 2014

Nightmare behind the “Dream” – LaborNet TV: “What’s behind Disneyland?”

“Casts are sometimes injured or suffer from fatigue fracture. There is no danger allowance even when we are hanged to fly over guests (customers) for performance. Even on March 11, 2011, when a devastating earthquake hit Tokyo Disneyland, it was impossible for us to stop performing as long as music was being played”. “An adult guest sometimes beats a Disney character. Disney performers are not treated fairly by managers or guests”. These are the comments of HAMAMOTO Morihiro and “White” (photo), casual workers at Tokyo Disneyland who appeared on LaborNet TV on November 12, 2014. Oriental Land Co., Ltd., which manages the theme park, has 20,000 employees, but 18,000 among them are working on a casual basis at an hourly wage of 1,000 yen (9 US dollars). Their contracts are renewed every year with possible sudden dismissal. Hamamoto himself was also fired and started up a union, insisting, “The workplace is like a minefield. Its service is inevitably reduced. It has to be improved so ‘Disney dreams’ come true”. (M)


「ショー中のケガや疲労骨折などもある。吊るされてお客さんの上をとんでも、危険手当無し。3.11地震のとき、空中で揺れた。しかし音楽が鳴っている限りショーをやめることはできなかった」「大人のお客さんが“縫いぐるみ”を殴ることもある。経営者からもお客さんからも、パフォーマーは人間扱いされていない」。 1112日のレイバーネットTVに出演したディズニーで働く非正規労働者(浜元盛博さん・ホワイトさん/写真)は、夢を売る企業の実態を赤裸々に語った。運営会社のオリエンタルランドには、2万人が働いているが18000人は時給1000円の非正規の人たち。1年更新で何かあるとすぐ「雇い止め」だ。 自身も「雇い止め」され、ユニオンを立ち上げた浜元さん。「危険がいっぱいの職場。サービスも低下している。夢を売るためにも職場改善を」と呼びかけた。 M

In protest against across-the-board dismissal based on age: Examination of an witness at court

On November 12, 2014, the fourth examination of a witness of a lawsuit over the age of retirement of casual postal workers was held at the Tokyo District Court. The 77-year old plaintiff who was working at the Mitaka Post Office in a suburb of Tokyo said, referring to his recent experience to climb up Japan’s third highest mountain (Mt. Okuhotaka) alone, “I have done my best to anything, based on my motto ‘No work, no pay’. This dismissal is just like I am told, ‘It is meaningless for you to work’. The only reason of my dismissal is that I reached the age of 65. Such a discharge is unreasonable”. (NIWA Yoshiko)

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* Photo: Appeal in front of the court



Raise the minimum wage now! – US fast food workers visit Japan

Fast food workers who are symbolized as the working poor started a world tour to demand that the minimum wages be raised and the right to unionize be established. McDonald’s workers from New York, Chicago and Los Angeles and other fast food workers are going to make an appeal in eight countries including Japan. Albina Ardon (left in the photo) is working at a McDonald’s in Los Angeles together with her husband. She joined the campaign and strike for pay raise last May, which spread across the US, to change their tough situations. At a press conference at Japan’s Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare on November 11, 2014, Ardon said, “We won a slight pay hike, but it is still impossible for us to raise our two children only at 9.50 dollars an hour”. (MATSUMOTO Chie)

* Photo: Demonstration in front of a McDonald’s in central Tokyo (afternoon on Nov. 12)


ワーキングプアの象徴とされるファストフード労働者が、最低賃金引き上げと労働組合結成の権利を求めるため、今月、世界オルグツアーをはじめた。日本を含む8カ国では、ニューヨークやシカゴ、ロスアンゼルスのマクドナルドで働く現場や、労働者が自らたちあがる重要性を訴える予定。1111日に厚労省で記者会見があった。来日した労働者のひとり、アルビナ・アードンさん(写真左)は夫と二人でロスのマクドナルドで働いているが、それでも生活苦に直面している現場を打開しようと、今年5月に全米で広がった賃金引き上げ運動に参加しストもした。若干の賃金アップを勝ち取ったものの、それでも時給9ドル5セントでは 子ども二人を養っていけないと語った。(松元ちえ)