Saturday, October 25, 2014

Don't deprive us of the right to know! ~ Protest against Cabinet's approval of effectuation of State Secrets Law in December

A citizens' group aiming at the abolishment of State Secrets Law staged a protest against the cabinet's approval of the operation guidelines for the law outside the prime minister's office on Oct. 14. “No! to the cabinet's decision!” “Don't deprive us of the right to know!” – About 20 people gathered for a rally started at 8 am and raised their voice. The cabinet, rushing to the effectuation of the law in December, also adopted an order to effectuate the law on Dec. 10 irrespective of the strong opposition from the general public. Lawyer KAIDO Yuichi and Social Democrat Upper House member FUKUSHIMA Mizuho were among the protesters surrounded by a large number of policemen.  “This law has no system to protect whistle-blowers.  Though we could not stop the enactment of this wrong legislation, let's not give up and do our best to abolish the law,” said Kaido.  (By the Committee to Abolish the State Secret Law)

「秘密保護法」廃止へ!実行委員会は1014日、 「秘 密法運用基準の閣議決定を許すな!官邸前行動」を行った。集まった実行委メンバーや市民団 体約20人が「閣議決定反対」「知る権利を奪うな」などと声を張り上げ、年内施行に突き進む政権に対して思いをぶつけた。こうした行動に もかかわらず、政府は午前中の閣議で運用基準を決定。1210日施行の政令も決定し 施行を強行する姿勢を崩していない。午前8時からの官邸前行動は、海渡雄一弁護士、社民党の福島みずほ参院議員が駆けつけ、多数の警察官 が厳重に警戒するなか実施した。海渡弁護士は「この法律には救済策がなく内部通 報者が守られない。間違った制度が作られてしまったが、あきらめないで廃止へ頑張ろう」とあいさつ。(「秘密保護法」廃止へ!実行委員 会)

Let's get united for survival! ~ 300 gather for Oct. 12 Anti-Poverty National Rally

The 2014 Anti-Poverty National Rally was held on Oct. 12 in Tokyo. The slogan for the rally this year was “Let's get connected for survival!”  The morning program was composed of a get-together for exchanges among affiliate groups of the anti-poverty national network and a film show of “Metro Ladies Blues Part 2” and “Occupy Wall Street 2011.”  In the afternoon, the participants shared views and opinions in a symposium and discussions held in the World Café style that followed. The venue was filled with some 300 people. (By Web Editorial Staff)
The preparatory committee for the Anti-Poverty Network organized the first rally in March, 2007. We organized the Tent City for the Jobless over the new year holidays of 2008-2009 in a park in the central Tokyo. Local branches of the Anti-Poverty Network were established all over the country later on. We realized that the anti-poverty movement was expanding across the country steadily, if not rapidly. We have to make more efforts to move forward. Though media coverage has decreased, it does not mean that the anti-poverty movement has stagnated. The reports presented in the rally clearly showed the expansion of the movement. I was encouraged to hear the enthusiastic discussions today. I felt a little uplifted and, in fact, was near to tears. (Tweets by KAWAZOE Makoto, a caretaker of the Anti-Poverty Network) 
* Photo: The venue was full of enthusiastic participants.

東京で反貧困ネットワーク準備会が最初に集会を 開い たのは、20073月。2008年暮れには、年越し派遣村。その後、全国各地に反貧困ネットワークが結成さ れている。反貧困運動は、ジグザグがありながらも、着実に全国に広がってきているのを実感。次に何をつなげていくのか、ふんばりどこ ろ。その後、マスメディアには取り上げられなくなっていくが、それで全国的にも反貧 困運動が活動が落ち込んだかというとそうではないことが、今日の報告でもあきらかに。反貧困ネットワークがどんどん増えている。全国 のみなさんの熱心な意見交換を聴いて、励まされて、ちょっと元気が出て、涙がちょっ と出そうになる。(河添誠)  

Friday, October 24, 2014

No national borders for the right to live! ~ March against racism in Shinjuku, Tokyo

On Oct. 5, some 100 citizens marched in the Shinjuku and Shin-Okubo area in Tokyo as part of the 10.5 Action against Discrimination and Xenophobia.  The civic group that organized the action started anti-racism activities in 2009 when a Filipino family, then living in Warabi City, Satitama Prefecture and requesting the government to grant them a special permission to remain in Japan, was persistently harassed by Zaitoku-kai and other ultra-nationalist groups. They organized counter-actions to those right-wingers and, since then, have organized various activities against racism, racial discrimination and xenophobia. The march was the fourth of their annual street demonstrations they have in autumn. ”Stop discrimination against foreign nationals!” “We are opposed to racial discrimination and xenophobia of any kind!” “We won't tolerate hate speeches or racism!” “The right to live is universal! Let's get united beyond national boundaries!” “Let's raise our voice against racism!” - The chants echoed in the heavy rain along the 3-km route the marchers walked. (By NISHINAKA Seiichiro)      

5日、東京の新宿・新大久保界隈で「許すな! 差別 排外主義 105 ACTION」が行われ、約100人の市民がデモ行進に参加した。同連絡会は、2009年当 時、埼玉県蕨市に在住し在留特別許可を求めていたフィリピン人家族への「在特会」等の嫌がらせ行為に対するカウンター行動の教訓から活動 を立ち上げ、差別排外主義に反対する様々な取り組みを行ってきた。毎年秋に街 頭デモ行進を行い、今回が4回目。台風が迫る大雨の中、「外国人差別反対!」「あらゆる人種差別、排外主義反対!」「ヘイトスピーチも、 レイシズムも許さないぞ!」「生きる権利に国境はないぞ! 国境を越えて連帯しよ う!」「みんなで声を上げよう」と道行く人たちに呼びかけ、約3キロの道程をデモ行進した。(西中誠一郎)